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What are the dimensions of the Engraver?
This compact engraver Engraver fits easily on most countertops - 34cm x 37cm x 39cm.
Do I need special training to use the iMARC Pet Tag Engraver?
No. It is extremely intuitive to use, with instructions on the tiltable, full colour high resolution screen.
Does the engraver require maintenance?
With very few moving parts, lubrication is not required and no particular maintenance is needed.
How long does the engraving tip last?
Depending on the amount and type of engraving done, the Diamond cutter tip will last between 3 and 4 years.
Can I replace the engraving tip myself?
Yes. Using the tool supplied with the tip, it can be changed in a couple of minutes.
Can I engrave both sides of the tag?
Yes, most of the designs can accommodate both sides being engraved.
Can I use a different font or size on each line?
Yes, the size and the font style can be changed for each line.
Do I have to buy a minimum amount of tags each year?
No, you may purchase only what you need.
How do I monitor which tags have been engraved?
There is a counter for each tag size and style.
Do I own the machine?
Absolutely, and it is a tax deductible business asset.
What about the split rings?
All tags are supplied with split rings at no extra charge.
What comes with the engraver?
The iMARC engraver is supplied with everything you need, keyboard, IEC cord, multi tag holders, storage case, manual, split ring pliers and customer order templates.